Friday, April 28, 2006

Wrist Distaff

wrist distaff
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I've made a note on the photo of how to create this, but this is how I did it, just so in case someone else is looking. I have no idea of the practicality or lack there of of my particular interpretation from other people's pictures, but this is what I did.

I had some Paton's Merino lying around from ages ago, and figured that I would use that (I am not particularly obsessed with the loveliness of my tools, just in case you were wondering why I used an orange in the babyshit hue family). So I cut 5 equidistant lengths (longer than you would think, because they need to be long enough to single crochet (in my case with my fingers) into a length long enough to fit around your wrist and have 4-5 inches of droop down on the bottom. After you're done, tie a knot in the bottom.

I attached beads to the bottom stringies, which I guess helps with weighing it down and keeping your fiber from crawling all over your arm.

Really, so worth it to make one. So, SO worth it. It just goes to show that 99% of the difficulty of doing something when it comes to knitting/fiber/spinning, blah is working up the confidence to figure "what's the worst that can happen"?

Spun Single
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This is what that looks like when it is spun and set. I have been using part of a disassembled sconce setup that we got from Bed, Bath, and Beyond a long time ago. The architecture was basically a metal rail that you screwed into the wall, and then you hooked these three things with candleholder bases at the bottom of varying lengths onto it. We lost the rail, but still have the hangy parts, which works perfectly to weigh down the yarn while drying.

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And this is what I am currently actually doing on the spindle. I am basically standing in my theater room, watching a rerun of Footballer's Wives (god, that show, she is the crack rock) and letting balls of singles roll around the floor while I try my damnedest to make sure that one isn't wrapping around the other, but that they wrap around EACH other. Plying is a fucking pain in the ass.

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Sarah said...

Tip....for easier plying...wind into a center pull ball, and then ply both ends of the ball together.

No two balls tangling!