Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Holy shit. I finally got my Ravelry invite last night. After signing up like, three months ago. I had almost forgotten I signed up.

It is not often that I find myself aligning with much of the knitting zeitgeist. I was getting bored with socks when people started being enchanted with them, and my interests have waned (I like to think of it as "specified") to lace (good lace, here, fine lace, not stupid boring lace that is barely lace at all, even though I totally have Icarus wadded up in a ball in my closet needing a wash and a reblocking as I type this) and anything else that is either stranded color work and/or items that are knitted with nothing larger than a size 5 needle (although frankly, I think 5s are pushing it).

But ravelry? That shit is cool. I am finally (finally, god I am so cheap) buying a digital camera with a macro function this weekend - nothing special, but enough, I think, to actually be able to take decent pictures of my stash/projects. With my new Macro Awesomeness almost at my fingertips, and this awesome tutorial on how to light it, I figure I should be up and running pretty quickly.

This site focuses exactly on why the internet is awesome for the knitting, and lets me ignore a lot of the other crap. Love it.

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